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Think of how much love that's been wasted, people always trying to escape it; move on to stop their heart breaking, but there's nothing I'm running from - you make me strong. I'm sorry if I say I need you, but I don't care, I'm not scared of love, 'cause when I'm not with you I'm weaker; is that so wrong? Is it so wrong that you make me strong?


kinda wanna indie kinda don’t

indie’s boss u should

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Hello yep this is about ~200 100x100 icons of Louis. I’m reposting this because I just added like 70 more to it, so yes, here.

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TONIGHT → a mix for the broken hearts awake at 4am.

001. tonight // lykke li | 002. teach me // keaton hendson | 003. anthems for a seventeen-year-old girl // broken social scene | 004. northern wind // city and colour | 005. white rose // basia bulat 006. winter in my heart // the avett brothers |  007. new romantic // laura marling 008. love is a place // metric | 009. willow // said the whale | 010. my heart goes bum bum bum // flatsound | 011. how come you never go there? // feist 012. nobody home (cover) // metric | 013. it’s cool, we can still be friends // bright eyes | 014. one red thread // the blind pilot | 015. reading in bed // emily haines and the soft skeleton

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Mikarps Theme 7. Still Sane. 

You May Not:

  • Redistribute as your own. 
  • Redistribute as an edited theme. 
  • Remove the credit. (Or move it to a different page.) 

You may: 

  • Edit to your hearts desire.
  • Ask for help, or ask questions concerning the theme or html. 

You Must:

  • Leave the credit alone.
  • Like/reblog if using. 


  • One square sidebar.   
  • Preset home and ask links, along with three custom links. 
  • Hover b&w (when you hover over a post or the sidebar it goes grayscale) 
  • Two or three columns.  

Static Preview II Column  || Code 

Static Preview III Column || Code 

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Kiss Kiss

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i actually like how that manip turned out ohp

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adelaide kane & ashton irwin ;; requested by anonymous

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'APPLAUSE' edited theme by stylesassists
  • image sizes on lp
  • two sidebars
  • three picture links
  • update hover on sidebar
  • credit to dobrev.co.vu
  • please like/reblog if using. do not remove the original owners credit.
lp || pastebin

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question about the manip-- what day do you think it'll be done?


     I'm not sure yet. I'm kind of busy tonight, so maybe tomorrow? Sorry.

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what texture did you use on your banner picture? thanks c:


     I used a texture that I got a long time ago from a pack that I’ve since lost track of, but you can have it here.

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